Want to print your course yourself? Or get a pack through us?

Want to print your course yourself? Or get a pack through us?

  • For your own reference
  • To keep with you at all times (such as client templates for advisory courses)
  • When you're going away on holiday or a business trip (with limited internet access)
  • If you are having issues with your internet but still want to learn
  • If you want to share a handout  with a client

These are your two options:

Print it yourself

  • You can find the PDF equivalent underneath the presentation viewer
  • Download each file and print it
  • PDF files have been enabled for printing (but you cannot copy directly from them, as we have to protect our proprietary content)
  • Just be aware that you can only grab the PDF files for the module you're in (you can't look ahead)
  • Immediate access, but can get cumbersome and expensive to print everything (beware)


  • Please be kind to the environment and only print pages you really need; consider double-sided or multi-page printing if you can!
  • If you are printing empty pages, have a look here for the solution.
  • Professional pack via courier

    $79 - $119

    • Professionally printed, high-quality books on glossy paper
    • Printed on demand and in your name
    • Delivered all over the world (postage costs included in price) to your home, hotel, work, etc.
    • See here for more information, including reviews from fellow students
    • Get access to your entire course all at once (note: you still have to complete the quizzes and exams)
    • Couple of days processing and delivery time (so plan ahead if you’re going away)

    As always, the choice is entirely yours! If you have any questions, simply contact us.

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