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Food Science

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  • Fish: How much is too much?
  • What are the benefits and risks of eating fish?
  • Frozen vs fresh: which vegetables are healthier?
  • How “fresh” are frozen vegetables?
  • Is organic meat worth its price?


Learn about how freezing can affect the nutritional value of food, to the truth about organic meat!

Contains the following Continuing Education modules:

  • Fish Intake Limits
  • Fresh vs Frozen Vegetable Analysis
  • Organic Meat Economics

Fish Intake Limits

Fish is simultaneously touted as both a brain-boosting superfood and something full of deadly environmental toxins. So, what's the truth behind this fishy conundrum? We delve into the science to find out.

In this module you will learn…

  • The benefits and risks of eating fish
  • Whether some species carry a higher risk than others
  • The pros and cons of eating farmed vs wild fish
  • How much fish is safe to eat, and how much is too much

Fresh vs Frozen Vegetable Analysis

Is fresh always better, or does freezing lock in goodness? We've been investigating the nutritional properties of fresh and frozen vegetables, and put them head to head for you in this comprehensive module.

In this module you will learn…

  • Whether fresh or frozen vegetables are best
  • How “fresh” frozen vegetables are
  • If fresh vegetables are as vitamin-rich as we think
  • How frozen fruits are treated and what we should be checking their label for

Organic Meat Economics

What exactly is different about the properties of organic meat? Organic meat is often thought of as being healthier and better for us, so in this module we examine whether the science, and the law, really live up to this good reputation.

In this module you will learn…

  • Whether organic meat is really worth its price
  • The differences between organic and non-organic meat
  • Whether “organic” means the same thing in every country
  • Which farm animals are given antibiotics or hormones and why
  • If organic produce is truly “chemical-free”
  • The key regulatory differences between Europe and the US when it comes to organic meat


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