Paleolithic Diet Analysis

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  • Meat-based or plant-based: What did Paleo humans really eat?
  • Is there any science behind the “Paleo craze”?
  • What are the rules, dos and don’ts of this diet?
  • Can we really tell what our Paleo ancestors ate – and if so, how?
  • Do Paleolithic foods still exist today?


The “modern” Paleo diet is based on eating the same foods as humans ate during the Paleolithic Era. Some believe it was meat-based, and others plant-based; so, which is it? And is the Paleo diet actually healthy? We dive into the scientific record to debunk some myths and misconceptions, from what Paleolithic humans really ate to whether there is any science behind the “Paleo craze”! Are there any experiments of modern humans following a “true” Paleolithic diet? And is this Paleo diet suitable for everyone – or not?

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